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Indrayani Rice

The Western Ghats of India have production of this variety, which is sticky in nature, and after cooking it, this will give off an awesome fragrance that will provide the perfect taste to cooked rice.


Because the Indryani River flows in the western ghats, this name was derived from the river. tagged to Indryani rice. The original category for indyrani rice is Ambemohar and IR 8.

You will find this rice in Pune (Welhe,Mulshi), Satara (Jawali), and Kolhapur (Ajara). western Ghats areas of this district, which are surrounded by lush greenery where rain is more frequent and falls less towards the Kokan region where rice production is more .

Indryani Rice has an amazing fragrance and taste; hence, it is very popular as a replacement for basmati rice. and cost wise is also reasonable compared to the price of basmati rice.

Broken Rice

Broken rice is fragments of rice grains, broken in the field, during drying, during transport, or during milling.
1. Mechanical separators are used to separate the broken grains from the whole grains and sort them by size.
2.Broken rice is fragmented, not defective; so there is nothing wrong with it.
3. It is as nutritious as the equivalent quantity of unbroken rice (i.e. if all the germ and bran remains, it is as nutritious as brown rice; if none remains, it is only as nutritious as white rice).

Broken rice

Very small broken rice is called brewers' rice, as brewers have traditionally used it,although it is also sold to other users.
For example, broken rice can be used by the pet food industry, and for livestock feeding and aquaculture.

Broken rice is also used to make starch which is used as laundry starch and in foods, cosmetics and textile manufacture

Its has same taste and nutritional vaalues only due to size this is called broken or Tukda rice .
cost wise this is reasonable and worth as per end process requirment .
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koyna Exports,Vasudev Complex, Kankiya ,Thane , Maharashtra , India:401107




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